RX7 FD 1994 montego blue Twin turbo 360whp

Ce qui a été fait sur la voiture: Complete 99 Jspec conversion, Veilside rear & side skirts, Knight Sport JDM head light conversion, RE Amemiya AD-9 Carbon fiber hood, OEM R1 strut bar, Poly bushings, rotary performance adjustable rear toe in bars, I-rotor front & rear rotors drilled and slotted, Apexi commander, J&S knock sensor digital gauge, short shifter, M2 aluminum intake fresh air box, Racing Beat light weight flywheel, Brullen stainless down pipe 3”, Brullen hi power straight flow stainless low restriction cat 3”, Brullen stainless mid pipe 3”, Brullen straight flow stainless muffler, HKS twin power DLI ignition, Efini Y pipe, ported exhaust waste gate, ast aluminum separator tank, Cosmo fuel pump, Cameron 3Row high mount polished intercooler & piping kit 3 pieces, Power FC with commander and stainless steel braided brake lines.